Outland is the first Burning Crusade “TBC” realm to be released by Warmane. Announced in April 2017, it was finally released on 20th May 2017. The realm boasts x5 leveling rates, while everything else stays x1. Outland can be considered a massive success – the majority of the private Burning Crusade World of Warcraft servers scene was quick to adapt to it, as every other TBC server remains empty.

Warmane Outland Gold

The current average population of Outland is nearly always maxed out to 13000 players, with a 2000 queue during European day-time hours. There isn’t any other Burning Crusade with as much population as Outland.

Warmane Outland gold can be purchased from all network sites ran by V7:

Outland is related but not the same as with the x1 rates Warmane TBC server – Medivh.

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