The Elysium Project represents the re-established Nostalrius – the most popular Vanilla Classic 1.12 World of Warcraft Server. Elysium was originally released by Valkyrie, but then closed for a re-release once a deal was struck with the Nostalrius developers – they handed their core and original database to Valkyrie, hence The Elysium Project was born. Launched on 17th December, the project hosted 3 realms, the former Nostalrius PvP and Nostalrius PvE, and the brand new Elysium which was launched on 7th January 2017.

However, due to a failing between Valkyrie’s (Now Elysium) and the Nostalrius developer team, the group split but Elysium continued the project, renaming Nostalrius PvP to Anathema, and Nostalrius PvE to Darrowshire.

The old Gold4Elysium website is now merged with, from where you can buy gold for the Elysium Project. Accounts and powerleveling are available as well.

Besides Elysium PvP, the developers released an additional realm called Zeth’Kur PvP – the reason being the long queues.