V7Gaming - Site revamped - major website update

V7Gaming Network – Our Main Site Revamped

After 30th December, or these entire 16 days of the New Year, we disabled the chat option throughout our entire network with only one aim – our entire team was focused on finishing a main project we started long ago – V7Gaming. While our entire gaming network of sites like Nostalrius.net consist of a custom tailored template designed back in 2014, while it did it’s purpose, the design was getting old and the shopping options we had with the template were limited – updating the prices and account lists across 10 private servers was a time-consuming task so we had to put some time away in order to finish V7Gaming.

Things will be running smoothly from now. Additionally, we will be selling merchandise like Clothing, Apparel, Jewelry and other miscellaneous items from our site besides game goods.