Tauren Male Hunter Level 60 – Light’s Hope Lightbringer Classic WoW

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Tauren Male Hunter account details:

  • Fresh Gear (greens/blues)
  • 60% mount
  • 300 Skinning / 300 Herbalism / 300 First Aid / 300 Cooking / 300 Fishing
  • Comes with original email

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Light's Hope Classic WoW ServerThis level 60 Tauren male Hunter account can be played on the Light’s Hope Lightbringer – a realm on the most popular choice for Classic Vanilla World of Warcraft Private server. Light’s Hope came into being around 15th October 2017 as a renegade project coming out of the Elysium Project, which initially hosted the Elysium PvP realm, now called Lightbringer. Elysium PvP was renamed to Lightbringer on 15th November 2017, one month after the LH project was born. Further, Lightbringer was merged with Anathema PvP and Darrowshire PvE (the original Nostalrius PvP/PvE) realms on 6th June, 2018. Many believe that Light’s Hope is the carrier of the Nostalrius Begins legacy.

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