Tauren male Warrior Level 70 – Nightbane TBC – Sunwell

$269.00 $194.95

Tauren Warrior account details:

  • Preraid gear with 2300 GS protection
  • 225 riding (flying mount)
  • Enchanting 300/300
  • JC 350/375
  • 3/5 heroic keys
  • Kara attuned
  • Comes with original email

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This Level 60 Tauren Warrior (male) account can be played on Sunwell’s Nightbane – a realm often labeled as one of the best Burning Crusade (“TBC”) WoW servers in existence. After being officially announced by the end of the 4th November 2018, it was finally launched on the 29th on the same month , receiving well over 8000 player peaks in the first days. Nowadays, Nightbane is a steady realm with over 5000 pop during peak times, completely based on the original Hellground development core.

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