Tauren female Druid Level 44 – Kronos 3 Classic WoW

$119.00 $85.95

Account details:

  • 60% mount
  • green/blue gear
  • Skinning 225
  • Cooking 180
  • Full rested experience bonus
  • Comes with original email

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Account for Kronos IIIThis Level 44 Tauren female Druid account can be played on Twinstar’s Kronos 3 – a realm often labeled as one of the best Vanilla Classic WoW servers in existence. After officially being announced by the in the 3rd quarter of 2017, it was finally launched on 31th March 2018, receiving well over 10K population peaks in the first days. Nowadays Kronos 3 is a steady realm with over 5000 pop during peak times, completely based on the original Kronos 1 & 2 development core. If you can’t find an account appropriate for your needs, you can always use our powerleveling service.

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