Draenei Shaman Level 70 (3000 GS) – Outland Warmane

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Draenei Shaman (male) character details:

  • 3000+ GS PVE elem,
  • 3000+ GS PVE resto,
  • 2700+ GS PVE enh,
  • 300 riding with nether ray mount, 
  • Leatherworking 375/375,
  • Skinning 375/375,
  • All attunements,
  • Night Elf male Hunter 70 on same account
  • Night Elf male Priest 70 on same account
  • Comes with email

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Warmane's Outland TBC Server - Experience The Burning Crusade ExpansionThis Level 70 Draenei male Shaman account can be played on the Warmane’s Outland realm, considered as the prime TBC WoW server. The Outland realm was released on 27th May, 201. The realm is similar to the rest of the WotLK Warmane realms – it is a Highrate Blizzlike x5 leveling rates with x2 gold rates, boasting around 6000 active population at all time zones making it an excellent place to experience the Burning Crusade version of World of Warcraft. The Burning Crusade was the first WoW expansion released back in 2007, featuring Outland – the shattered world of Draenor, home of the Orcs & Draenei.

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