Dungeons – Heroic & Mythic Achievements (Battle For Azeroth)

If heroic difficulty is only a chore for you, and you just want to join mythic runs in Battle for Azeroth as soon as possible, then we have something to offer you. We will boost you through all 9 heroic BfA dungeons within the first two weeks of BfA. All items received will be kept to you, so you will have a chance to get nice item level right from the start of the add-on as well as to unlock your achievements in order to get to mythic dungeon runs.

What you get:
• Completion of all available dungeons on chosen difficulty;
• Receiving all achievements for this, which will be required to start mythic;
• Receiving any items dropped for your character during boost;
• Increase of overall item level (ilvl of dropped items is 360).

The list of dungeons that await for you in in Battle for Azeroth is as follows: Atal’Dazar, Freehold, King’s Rest, Shrine of the Storm, Siege of Boralus, Temple of Sethraliss, The Undermine, The Underrot, Tol Dagor and Waycrest Manor.


Requirements: level 120 character.

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