Class Hall Mount Achievements Service (Battle For Azeroth)

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BFA Class Hall Mount Service

Class mount, introduced in WoW Legion 7.2 patch is a unique mount, very special for every class and spec. It’s different for every class and it’s got various tints. To obtain this mount you should:

  • To unlock the broken shore location
  • Complete every step of the meta-achievement “breaching the tomb”
  • To unlock your third relic slot and to do the first part of your class campaign
  • To complete “champions of legionfall” achievement

Sounds too long, yeah?

Our boosting team will complete all the achievements in a couple of days. Don’t waste your time on boring questlines, just get your reward!

Remember, some classes can’t obtain other tints of their class mount simultaneously. Sometimes it requires 52 artifact level on each spec, the kill of certain rares, etc.

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