WoW RBG Wins Boosting (Battle for Azeroth)

Every RBG victory is a little step to good PVP rankings, high prestige levels and the recognition of World of Warcraft PvP community. Here you can buy WoW RBG wins boost and get all benefits of pro players with no efforts from your side.


WoW PvP boosting guarantees


– a certain amount of wins on your character

– 40 wins grant you a Vicious Saddle, a mount token, that can be exchanged for 9 glorious PvP mounts

– when you reach 75, 150 and 300 wins you earn a special achievement and get one of these two mounts: Horn of the Vicious War Wolf for the Horde and “Reins of the Vicious War Steed” for the Alliance

– every win goes to an achievement of 300 rated battlegrounds wins – Warbound Veteran of the Alliance and its horde analog

– honor points as an additional bonus

– some PvP gear dropped in your bag every time you win an RBG

– a chance for legendary


  • – a strong raid of professional PvP players, who don’t know how to lose
  • – the service that is done via selfplay and account sharing, depending on you
  • – the very short time of order execution
  • – no risk of ban – we use special VPN programs to protect your account


  • – we need a 110 level character, no gear requirements
  • – your login and password if you choose an account sharing option
  • – we never distribute your personal information to others
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