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Warsong Feenix (WoWFeenix.com) Server Information

Warsong is the latest addition addition to the series of Classic WoW Private Servers. It is different from the others because it has x12 leveling rates – an average players will just need a few days to hit level 60, instead of months by playing on it’s counterparts on Light’s Hope, Kronos or The Elysium Project. Warsong was in existence before, the first one released in 2012, the second in 2016, and this, a third version on 18th May, 2018. This time however, it is released by a team more dedicated to the task – former passionate WoW One / Feenix players, perhaps at the right time.

Warsong is starting as fresh server from patch 1.12. You won’t be able to transfer any of your former WoW-One Vanilla Server characters to this Warsong. The new realm will follow the same patch/content release as the older realms.

  • – Leveling Rates: Blizzlike x12
  • – Gold/Money rates: Blizzlike x2
  • – Faction Ratio: 48% Ally | %52 Horde
  • – Population Peak 1100+ players
  • – Realm Patch: 1.12 version of the Vanilla Classic WoW

How it Works

You will need to select the gold amount, faction and insert your character name, then checkout. Once this is done, you will receive an email confirmation from us filled with the information of your order. Depending on the contemporary trade practices, we may or may not contact you about the purchase, and you may just receive the gold in-game. You will receive one more e-mail when your order is marked as completed. V7Gaming is a real source for cheap Warsong Feenix Gold.

Refund Policy

Our refund policy is: If you don’t get the gold within maximum of 24 hours from your purchase, you are entitled to full refund. Check our Refunds & Returns Policy page for more.

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Additional information

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Alliance, Horde

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