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Buy Powerleveling for the Kronos 3 Server (Twinstar).
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How The Powerleveling Service For Kronos 3 Works

You will need to select the required level range (1-40, 1-50, 1-60, 20-40 etc.), provide us with the login information and the name of your character you need leveled up. The process takes approximately around 15 days for Powerleveling 1-60 on Kronos 3. You will need to create the account and the character you wish to be leveled before passing the details to us.

We do not use bots or any other automation programs to level your character. It is played manually by hand and we can deliver daily reports of the powerleveling to you. Using automation programs puts your account at risk.

The 1-50 and 1-60 include a level 40 (60% speed) mount. Spells and abilities will be learned, and everything that is farmed with the account will stay on it, nothing is moved out.

Refund Policy

Refunds are only provided if we fail to deliver the service around the approximate timeframe. This approximate completion time is extended for additional 3 days in-case server issues like lags, rollbacks and server restarts appear, or Holiday times doesn’t allow us to be online as usual. Check our Refunds & Returns Policy page for more.

Kronos 3 (Twinstar) Server Information

Gold for Kronos IIIKronos 3 is the latest realm to be released by the team. Released on 31th March 2018, it’s labelled as the new prime Vanilla Classic x1 Blizzlike realm after months of turbulence between the Light’s Hope and Elysium Project counterparts. It is based on the original Kronos core, as it was perfected in the past couple of years, ever since Kronos 1 was launched and then merged with Kronos 2. Kronos III will function separately from the original KR realm, with a possibility to transfer your character to the Kronos TBC server once it’s released (you retain copies on both!), thereby making Kronos 3 Powerleveling a much needed service. What is different from the previous realms: Character auction and trading has been disabled, as-well as the shop, so no more custom mounts.

  • – Leveling Rates: Blizzlike x1
  • – Gold/Money rates: Blizzlike x1
  • – Faction Ratio: 48% Ally | $52 Horde
  • – Population Peak: 6000+ players
  • – Realm Patch: 1.2 version of the Vanilla Classic WoW
Additional information

Additional information


1-30, 1-40, 1-50, 1-60

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1 review for Kronos 3 Powerleveling

  1. v7gaming

    The most professional powerleveling you can get for Kronos 3. Daily updates, mounts, spells, abilities, gold and professionalism.

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