By using our V7Gaming and associated website services (, by making a purchase you automatically agree to our Refund & Return Policy.

Our refund & returns policy is different for tanginble and intangible items.

1.0 Game Currency, Game Items & Game Accounts Refund Policy (Intangible Items)

This is our refund policy related to all products/items which are to be used “in-game” (intangible, virtual items), items like: Game Currency – World of Warcraft Gold, SWTOR Credits, Powerleveling & Game Accounts:

  • Refunds can only be provided if we fail to deliver you the purchased product within 24 hours of your purchase.
  • Cancellation of an order is not possible (payments are usually instantly split/allocated to suppliers and game “farmers”).
  • Please be sure to insert the correct details when ordering product which is used in-game (Game currency/gold, accounts and similar products). Make sure to insert the correct faction and character name where applicable. If you notice that you’ve made a mistake, please make sure to contact us right away. We can not cover or refund you once the item is delivered.
  • Sometimes there are risks involved when using game services like purchasing game currency, accounts or powerleveling.
    We do not cover these type of risks unless explicitly on the product page with “100% Safety Guarantee”.

1.1 Game Accounts (“Playable Characters”) Refund Policy

Our website sells Game Accounts (“playable game characters”) for various game servers. These Game accounts are being sold either from the unique game-server pages (example:¬†Northdale) or from our general¬†Accounts & Powerleveling page.
If we are unable to deliver you the purchased account/game character within 24 hours, you can ask for a full refund to be provided to you.
We do not accept returns of already delivered game accounts/characters.
We do not accept returns or refunds for purchased game accounts/characters on the basis of changing your mind.

1.1.1 Game Accounts (“Playable Characters”) Refund Policy For Already Sold Accounts

All of the listed accounts are made to be sold. We can provide you with a replacement or a full refund option in-case the game account you purchased was already sold and our website did not reflect the change yet (we are not using database system and everything is updated manually).

1.1.2 Refund Policy For Disabled/Banned/Suspended Accounts

In case your purchased game account gets disabled by the game administrators (commonly known as “Game Masters”), we will require further proof if we are to provide a refund. We can only provide you with a refund if the “injury” that led to the game account/character being disabled happened before the purchase date. We do not take any responsibility for the game accounts & characters once they are delivered to you. It is up to you to preserve their secuirity (by changing the game account & email passwords) and following the game server rules. This proof can be obtained by making an appeal on the game server site and providing us with an answer from the game server administrators. We will deny any refund requests if the injury that led to the game character being disabled/banned happened after your purchase.

2.0 Tangible Products & Items

This part of the refund policy refers to the tangible products – items that get shipped on your actual shipping or billing address:

  • Refunds for tangible products are only provided if the item is “not as described” or faulty/broken.
  • The item must be shipped back within 7 days to the following address:
    Hristo Batanghiev 48
    Skopje, 1060
    Republic of Macedonia
  • Please choose the provided options like Colors, Sizes carefully (where applicable). We can not provide replacement for those if you change your mind later on.

If you have any questions prior to purchase, please get in touch with us through our contact page.