Dragon Scale Leather Bracelet


Mother of Dragons (GoT) inspired jewelry. 



An elegant dragon scale bracelet made from quality leather.

Each scale is stamped by hand.

Available in multiple colors.

Preset 8.5 inches for Snap Bracelet.

Custom sizing available with grommets and leather lace.

Scales Color: Blue, Red, Green, Black, Antiqued Brown.

Grommets and Lace: Blue, Red, Green, Black, Antiqued Brown.

Additional information

Additional information


Blue (Scales), Red (Scales), Green (Scales), Black (Scales), Antiqued Brown (Scales)

Grommets and Lace:

Blue (Grommets and Lace), Red (Grommets and Lace), Green (Grommets and Lace), Black (Grommets and Lace), Antiqued Brown (Grommets and Lace)

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